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Photo album of farms in the 1900 census

December 2005, a new feature was introduced in the Digital Archives. One can now submit digitised photographies of farms in the 1900 census. In connection with this feathure, a photo album was established so that you can browse the different photos without having to search in the 1900 census. But there is a link in the album between the farm photo and the respective farm in the census list, so that one can find information on the farm and household. Visit the album

Submit a photo
To submit a photo in the 1900 census, one must find the farm that the photo illustrates. Then click the "Legg inn bilete av garden/bruket"-button found in the link row above the data. Fill out the form that is displayed and submit the digitised photo from your local computer.

View the photos
The photos can be reached in several ways, the photo album is just one way. In the Database selector, the link "Vis databaser med innlagt bilete" will display a list of all the farm/farm units with photos submitted. Also, when browsing the census lists in a municipality in the 1900 census, all the lists with submitted photos, will be marked with an icon of a house. When opening one of these census lists, one will find the link "List farms with photo". See the list of databases with farm photos

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