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The debate forums in the Digital Archives

Please read the help-page that you find on the debate pages. Be aware that the help-text alters as you navigate in the debate system.

The forums are:

  • The Archive Forum: A forum concerning the sources/databases and the system of the Digital Archives (what does certain expressions signify, errors in the sources, function errors in the search engine, etc.) Here you submit questions you would ask the Digital Archives, the Regional State Archives of Bergen , or an archivist in general, but be sure to place you question in the correct group.
  • The Users’ Forum: A forum designed for questions you want to ask other users, e.g. information on persons, place names, entries in "bygdebøker", etc. Note that the Digital Archives is not obligated to answer these questions. When searching for ancestors: include the name of the person you are looking for and preferably the place name/parish where (s)he lived in the title. Please remember to place your question in one of the groups, either a county if possible, or in the group "General".

The Digital Archives is free to move topics between the forums, as well as between the groups in a forum, when we find it appropriate. We will also remove entries that are inappropriate. As a last resort, we can exclude misbehaving contributors.

We expect everyone to follow our rules for the forums:

1) Everyone contributing in the debates is expected to give their full name, city/country of residence and correct e-mail address. The e-mail address will never be published in the debates, but are for administrative purposes only. You will receive e-mails from our server with confirmations of submitted topics/entries or notifications when someone has submitted an answer in a debate one started.

2) Only one discussion per topic. If any of the contributors wants to take a sidestep in the discussion, they should start a new topic. If relevant, include a reference (topic number) to the original topic in which the debate started.

3) If possible, one should answer in the same language as the debate started. Foreigners who do not write Norwegian, Swedish or Danish should write in English.

4) Since everyone can follow the discussions one should always beware of the information one submits. Please avoid information on living persons and information that can hurt or upset others in any way.

5) One is free to quote from the discussions. When using a quote, it should be marked accordingly and include a reference to the author as well as title of topic and topic number.

6) Please discuss in a civilised manner. One should always expect that an entry is seriously submitted and reply accordingly.


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