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In the Digital Inn you will find databases that are made by either organisations or persons outside the National Archives. The contributor is responsible for the content in the databases, and (s)he holds the copyright to the data. The Digital Archive offers only an internet-based publishing tool, and shall not distribute the material in any other way than through the Digital Inn. Nevertheless, the Digital Archive is the editor of the Digital Inn, making sure the material is of an appropriate quality for the users. The contributor may withdraw his/her databases at any time. Likewise, the Digital Archive may reserve itself from publishing the databases.

In the Digital Inn you will find a list of all the contributors, and you must visit the rooms to see with databases they have made. However, the databases are also available through the access "Source categories" and the geographical accesses. Databases in the Digital Inn will be distinguishable with the DP-logo (stands for Digitalpensjonatet = the Digital Inn) and the name of the owner.

To the Digital Inn

Do you have a register or a database you wish to publish? Please send an e-mail to The Digital Archives

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