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The Digital Archives is a public service from the National Archives of Norway. Here you can search in transcribed source material for free.

15.02.2011 From today the news messages here at the Digital Archives will change form and be transferred to the new main page of the Digital Archives: http://www.arkivverket.no/eng/Digital-Archives

In the menu to the right on the new front page, you will find lists of recently published databases/digital sources as well as the newest members of the Digital Inn.

News messages will be published to the left, just above the news from the National Archives Organisation. ASC

11.02.2011 Jostein Mediaa has registered marriages in Lade local parish in Strinda parish 1823-1840, 1841-1849, 1850-1859, 1860-1877 and 1878-1894 in Sør-Trøndelag County. TMB
09.02.2011 Mette Værnes and Ytterøy Historienemnd have registered Burials in Ytterøy parish 1756-1817 in Nord-Trøndelag County. TMB
08.02.2011 Renathe-Johanne Wågenes has registered Seamen in Helgeland, Lofoten and Vesterålen bailiff district 1711.

Buskerund slektshistorielag has registered marriages and burials 1734-1739, and marriages and burials 1739-1751, in Strømsø parish in Buskerud County.

Steinar Garnes has registered Baptisms in Haus parish 1821-1827 in Hordaland County. TMB

04.02.2011 Renathe-Johanne Wågenes has registered Marins in Helgeland bailiff 1675 and Tax from farm assistents for Helgeland bailiff 1668.

Dag Gurihus has registered Burials in Land parish 1830-1846, Oppland County. TMB

03.02.2011 Benn Johan Rislaa has registered marriages in Tveit and Birkenes local parish in Tveit parish 1820-1830 in Agder.

Buskerund slektshistorielag has registered burials in Bragernes parish 1759-1781. TMB

02.02.2011 Sidsel Pihl Haugen has registered baptisms, marriages and burials in Fredriksværn (Stavern) parish 1783-1809 in Vestfold County.

Jostein Mediaa has registered Marriages in Bakklandet (Bakke) parish 1901-1911 in Sør-Trøndelag County. TMB

31.01.2011 The server for the 1910 Census will be down this morning. There is going to be some updates of functionality and bugfixes.

The old debate forums in the Digital Archives are now closed for new entries. You can still read the old debates. We have opened a new debate forum http://forum.arkivverket.no The forums are opened for everyone to read, but you must be registered to post an entry or start a new discussion. Everyone who is registered at the 1910 Census pages are also registered uses for the debate forums.ASC

26.01.2011 Oddbjørn Strand-Angermann has registered Marriages in Sande parish 1884-1901 in Møre og Romsdal County.

Renathe-Johanne Wågenes has registered List of felling fees for the parish woods in Helgeland bailiff 1767-1773, Income from rescue and sale of boat wrecks, Helgeland 1773 and an updated of Issued probate letters and court cases in Helgeland 1757-1773.

We have corrected some errors in the Digital Archive yesterday and today. We hope that most of the functionality is working now. Sorry for the trouble you might have experience. TMB

21.01.2011 DIS-Rogaland has registered databases from Sola parish 1889-1900: Confirmations, Out-migrates, Burials, Stillborns, Marriages and Out-migrates. In-migrates to and Out-migrates from Heskestad local parish in Lund parish 1854-1882 and Confirmations in Hjelmeland parish 1760-1797.

Hedmark Slektshistorielag has registered Baptisms in Tangen local parish in Stange parish 1862-1879 and 1897-1920.

The digitisation unit of the Digital Archives, located in Voss, has now finished the 1885 Census 1885 Census for Farsund in Vest-Agder County. Have a nice weekend! TMB

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