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The Digitised Parish Registers

The Digital Archives is proud to present a new internet service for browsing digitised parish registers, launched on 8th November 2005. The registers are digitised from microfilm and then indexed. The registers are not published before they have been indexed. The images are indexed at page level. This means that you can easily find the first page of a register, as well as the start of a list of records, or the start of each year in this list. From this point you can browse through the pages in the register or through a list of records, even though the records are scattered around in the original parish register. Please notice, that you cannot, however, search on single records and names in the digitised material.

The microfilm department of The National Archives holds close to all parish registers delivered from the priests´ office to The Regional State Archives, ie. nearly 11 000 registers with a total of 1,85 millions of microfilmed pages. According to our plan, all the material will be published within 2007.

The digitised material will interact with the databases in The Digital Archives eventually, but in the mean time you find the digitised parish registers here.

The Digitised Civil Weddings Records

We introduced a new type of protocol among the digitised parish registers August 2010: Marriage register (secular)

Here you find the marriage records from the public registrar and curciut judge. Although the records have no relation to the priests' registers, we found this to be the appropriate place to publish them. This is where you go to find marriage records, now you also find the civil records as well.

Notice: This is not a new grand digitisation project. This is an initative from the Regional State Archives in Bergen who digitised the marriage registers from the public registrar of Bergen. The Regional State Archives in Oslo participate with digitised marriage records from public registrars and curcuit judges in Østfold and Akershus counties. New additions will occur sporadic and on initiative from the State Archives themselves.

The protocols start in 1920 and can cover the period until the 1950s: See the list of available records

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