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The Digitised Probate Material

The Digital Archives is proud to present a new internet service for browsing digitised parish registers, launched 1. December 2009.

The digitised probate material consists of probate protocols and death announcement protocols, in addition to registers and negociation protocols, journals and various other probate documents. Please notice that not all of the material is published yet. Read more about the service.

The protocols are digitised from microfilm. The microfilmed version of the probate material is not complete. The digitised material deals with the period from the first protocols (mid-1600s) to early 1800s. Digitised material from after 1850 is scarce. Still, the sources online includes close to one million images. Later, there will be added probate protocols digitised from the original documents.

There will also be intergrations between the databases in the Digital Archives registered from the probate protocols and the digitised material. This will ensure that you can use the searchable databases as indexes to the digitised material with easy access to the actual pages in the protocols. Currently, only Probate register for Sunnhordland 1668-1800 is available with links to the digitised material.

We appreciate any comments regarding the service and hope that you will submit these in Forum for digitised probate materiale. Then you can check whether anyone has submitted a similar comment, and we avoid getting numerous e-mails with similar content. If you do not want to participate in the discussion forum, you can send an e-mail to digitalarkivet@arkivverket.no

Visit the Digitised Probate Material Page


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