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The Norwegian emigration - 175 years.

In 1825 the first ship with emigrants sailed from Stavanger, Norway, towards New York, America. The 52 emigrants founded the first Norwegian settlement in America. Although ten years passed before the next emigrants crossed the Atlantic sea, this was the start of a population movement only Ireland could compete with! More than eight hundred thousand Norwegians sailed to America in the period 1825-1939. A large share of these emigrants returned, but the emigration movement still managed to have a great impact on Norway -- and not to mention the deep roots it set in America.

On the 4th of July 2000, it is 175 years since the Norwegian emigration commenced. The Digital Archive marks the occasion with two emigration databases containing more than seven hundred thousand persons! As an historical frame we have made this exhibition. Here you can read about the reasons for emigrating, what happened to them when they arrived to the new continent, and about their dangerous voyages.

The exhibition is divided into three parts, as you see from the links to your left: Norway, The Crossing, and USA. Each part contains an introductory text with pictures and diverse links. It is up to you if you want to study one subject deeper and follow the links. By clicking on the pictures a new window will appear with a larger view of the picture. There will often be a history in connection with the picture. If you want to return to the main window, you either close the smaller one or minimize it. In addition to the three parts, there is a statistical survey with year reviews. There you will find a diagram of the emigration, year by year, as well as an index to the events of every year.

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